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HP Chat Support is the solution to all your technical foul in the big brand's devices. Hewlett-Packard is an engineering revolution in the era of computers and laptops. The American multinational information technology company develops a wide variety of hardware and software products that are widely used all around the world. In the year 2015, the group split its computer and printer business resulting in two independent organizations. The home and office solutions provided by HP can malfunction a lot of times.

Is your printer not printing? Or the desktop is not working correctly? If you are facing these and more such problems, then HP Contact Support is just the place for you. The toll-free number +1-888-778-9579 is your destination for all genre of issues presented by the big brand's mechanical devices. We get a lot of calls on an everyday basis where the HP users are annoyed with the defective working of the products. If you are one of them, then the HP Helpline Number is just for you.

Wondering what we endeavor to do? We want a happy clientele to add to the list of other untroubled customers on a long-term basis. If you have a machine at your work or home, it will face a breakdown someday or the other. To avoid regular breaking up of the HP device, our technicians would surely resolve out all of the hitches no matter how much time it takes. A technical glitch can be experienced anywhere and at any time. For that purpose, HP Chat Support works long hours for 24*7 just for your issue resolving part. Call today for a better encounter with the brand's devices.


HP Support

HP Support

The multi-billion dollar revenue company, Hewlett-Packard does make sure that none of their customers gets dissatisfied. But, even with their best efforts, a machine can give...

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HP Laptop Support

HP Laptop Support

Need HP-certified technicians at your convenience? Call anytime on HP Chat Support +1-888-778-9579 for better technical support at all times. Whether it's day or night, our expert ...

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HP Desktop Support

HP Desktop Support

Do you have a personalized or a pre-configured HP desktop? Are you able to use it at your ease or does it regularly hangs or freezes immobilizing your work? Your days of worry are...

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HP Printer Support

HP Printer Support

HP offers a massive range of smart, secure and affordable printer and cartridge products. The brand is the first in the line of the manufacturing companies that introduced exceptional...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Check every toolbox setting
  2. Examine if the setting is on Default
  3. Check if the printer is out of sync with the toolbox settings
  4. Run a reset on default settings (Toolbox -> Printer Maintenance -> Reset defaults)
  5. Restart the printer

One can download an external PDF application to save the scanned files to the computer as a PDF. Making use of the Dell Software Suite/Driver when connected via USB, one can easily keep the scanned copies as PDFs during the scan dialog as some separate component within the Dell software suite that manages the scan process.

  1. Verify the phone number
  2. Dialing 9 can also be necessary to send a fax as it is to make a call
  3. Try faxing to a different fax machine
  4. Have someone fax your machine
  5. Ensure it is a 4 line phone cord and not a 2 line phone cord
  6. Check the plugged phone cord
  7. Remove other devices like answering machines, or multiple filters
  8. Now try faxing from your device

Firstly, remove the toner cartridge and imaging unit. Then search the top, right area inside the printer. You would be able to see a set of four metal pins. Try bending one of the metal pins back in line with the other three. If the problem persists, call on HP Chat Support for further assistance.

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